Friday, October 3, 2008

Joe Loy and The Warehouse Project

"All The Nations"
by Joe Loy and The Warehouse Project
Album Launch

October 11, Saturday
Main Sanctuary, FGA KL
Refreshments served at 6:30pm

Visit the Joe Loy and The Warehouse Project blog for more details.


darren said...

Hey Cedric!

Great work! I like it :D
will this be on any merchandise or anything like that?

Cedric said...

hey darren.


not sure yet lah. i've showed joe some other designs too, but it seems like theres little time to make merchandise. :S

we'll see lah... :P

Joe said...

hey cedric!!... wha nice man!!

looks like the design's keep gettin better and better!... there's alraedy been some request for T-Shirts :()... i told them in due time. This way, people keep comin back... ha ha. also we have more time to plan. Keep up the good work.. I'm gonna do some enquires this week